Speculations & « Dart throwing monkeys »


Sergio share with us a thinking about arbitrary of the economic world, and speculators compared to « Monkeys throwing darts » (Wall Street Journal, 1988).

I am afraid about speculation. I feel this was draining us to consume currently 3 planets? (Officially, 1.5 per ww inhabitant, and 2.5 for Europe? But as all are agree with this, I believe reality above this number). We give the power and planet control to the « speculators ». Any multinational CEO is not a freedom guy, it is a slave under the « economic » pressure, afraid from the red button of the « eject », if failed. We use digital « progress » to higher the productivity and the pressure on the workers. Especially after the 2009 crisis, all those multi-billionaires going to be only half-multi-billionaires, was « terrible » for them. All the same the “earth” human real assets & values were exactly the same, only “speculated” values were reduced. And so all workers were having to up their productivity more again and lower their « purchasing power »… Next will be replaced with robots to reduce cost? Higher revenue?

We armed now the climatic + demographic + energetic + social bomb, and we are still drawing on the elastic. Just to be throw where? On the wall? I do my part of « humming-bird » job, and join and support those 350 swiss-french grandparents to defend the future their grandchildren: joining their force to the parents: sign also this http://www.OurKidsClimate.org and spread the world.

We can’t wait multi-billionaires and slavered politicians being conscious or just empathetic, all the same some are coming to react, as Obama & Jay Inslee said:

« We’re the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it, and that’s why I committed the United States to leading the world on this challenge, because I believe there is such a thing as being too late. »

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